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The Laboratoire Missioneo

The Laboratoire Missioneo has been founded to undertake research into new forms of work, with the aim of understanding and measuring their impact from a social, organizational and psychological point of view. It is Missioneo Group's latest venture in the field of research, which, over the past years, has become a tradition within the Group.

  Our mission

The Laboratoire Missioneo’s internal research team will have four main missions:

  • To study innovation in the field of the Humanities and Social Sciences;
  • To undertake an in-depth analysis of alternative forms of work;
  • To formalize knowledge provided by all the members of Missioneo Group;
  • To energize employees who wish actively to participate in knowledge-gathering.

  Our lines of research

The Laboratoire Missioneo devotes its scientific activities to a better understanding of the career paths of people who chose a different way of working. There are six research topics, focused on social, technological and organizational innovation:

  • Changes in work and conditions of employment;
  • The freelances relation with their work;
  • The paths which “lead to” or “pass through” freelance work;
  • The place of freelance workers in the socio-economic system;
  • How freelance workers organize their work;
  • Freelance workers personality traits and skills

  What we produce

The Laboratoire Missioneo researchers regularly publish their research work, summaries and lecture notes on these questions. They also take part in seminars, round tables and debates concerning employment and its new forms.

  Who are we ?

The members of the Laboratoire Missioneo’s team (in French):

Annick HEUGA
Laboratoire Coordinator

Associated Researcher





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